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If you’ve received an audit request, don’t be nervous.

Have Gary Mehta, CPA, EA represent you on your audit. Don't take IRS or NJ on alone. Hire a tax professional and know your rights. Have us analyze your position and devise a strategy that will successfully guide you though the audit. 

Work with a firm that specializes in audit representation across Jersey City and Fort Lee

Work with a firm that specializes in audit representation across Jersey City and Fort Lee

Why did I get selected for examination?

 Audits are regularly conducted by the Internal Revenue Service and Dept of Revenue to ensure compliance with rules and regulations. Being audited doesn’t mean you did something wrong. You could be audited simply on a lottery system. However, most folks get audited either when they are seeking deductions significantly greater than their peers or if there is an extraordinary item is on the return that IRS wants verification before allowing it. People can also get audited if income or deduction items reported to them by third parties do not match what you’ve reported on your return 


How does government notify you about selection

Audit requests for individuals and self-employed individuals are typically by mail. We like to refer to them as mail audits. Business with higher gross income gets audited by a local field office. In this case, a local revenue officer will notify you via certified mail that you are undergoing an audit.  

Our Audit Services

Income Tax for Individuals and Small Business

Assisting clients in challenging  income and deductions assessments


Fighting assessments of wages. payroll tax and reclassification of independent contractors

Reconsideration and Appeals

Presenting cases for reconsideration and appealing previous audits

US Tax Court Small Case (Less than $25,000 assessment)

Negotiating small dollar cases with tax court

Sales Tax Audits, Use Tax Audits

Guide clients though process and challenge any erroneous assessments

Legal Nexus

Research if you are considered as doing business in state and argue related tax position. 

Notice Response

Respond to notices received from IRS, NJ and NY

Dept of Labor Audits

Represent clients on employment inquiries and examinations

Worker’s Compensation Audits

Remove worker's compensation assessments and help negotiate premium

Hassle-Free Approach

 During the audit, we respond to all governmental inquiries and assure you that IRS will not come to your home or business without our presence. We represent individuals and businesses to IRS and New Jersey for audits and various inquiries. We consult the clients on their rights as taxpayers and represent them during the examination process. Our upfront approach allows the client to know what to expect during the audit. Additionally, we work with IRS and state representatives to minimize the financial impact (if any) of the audit. While representing the client, we also take measures to consult the client on what are the taxpayer’s responsibilities for record-keeping. 

We're a great fit

If your LLC or Corporation is undergoing an audit, rest assured you’re in good hands with Gary Mehta CPA. We understand that being audited can be a nervous experience. We provide tactical advice and hold our client’s hands through the audit process. Please contact us to schedule a consultation on how we can help you during this process. 

Representing clients in Fort Lee

Set up an appointment in Fort Lee

We regularly represent clients outside of Jersey City. IRS and New Jersey audit procedures are universal regardless of the client’s location. Hence, we can easily accommodate to meet in our  offices in Fort Lee or East Rutherford and represent you for the audit.  Alternatively, we can also work virtually. 

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1 Bridge Plaza N #2, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Telephone: (201)252-6703

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