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Having a seasoned CFO in the company is key to long term success. Chief Financial Officers devise long term strategy, help with raising business financing, stay on top of budgeting and compliance paperwork, and create a financial strategy to sustain long term growth. Having a CFO in the early stages of a business is crucial because new business owners don’t know all rules, regulations, compliance issues, and try to conduct business by trial and error. Sometimes, a single critical oversight or mistake can drive a business out of business. It is smart to hire our Jersey City office as a temporary CFO to prevent significant mistakes and unnecessary fines. Many startups are open to the idea of hiring a CFO but don’t have the resources to afford one. Gary Mehta, CPA, EA provides CFO services for startups and small businesses at affordable costs. 

Startups and growth companies often do not have finances or need to afford a full-time CFO. We provide Part-time CFO services to our clients so they can receive the same knowledge and experience of a seasoned CFO at an affordable cost. 

Hire a temporary virtual CFO to manage your company affairs. Find the right executive in Jersey City

Hire a temporary virtual CFO to manage your company affairs. Find the right executive in Jersey City

Summary of Services

Services meet following objectives

· Business can allocate more time towards sales and new services, rather than back end paperwork

· In-depth financial analysis of your business vs. industry benchmarks

· Preparing to acquire seed capital and securing financing from financial institutions and prospective shareholders

· Establishing internal control to minimize thefts and retaining the workflow process and documentation

· Improved  decision-making capability to maximize profits and shareholder objectives

· Review of business plans and “pitch” deck

· Having business managed by a licensed professional and having accountability 

· Working in liaison with the board of directors, audit committee, legal and insurance

· Securing qualified vendors, partners, and risk assessment of potential customers. 

· Budget preparation and Cash flow management and preparing Financial forecast and projections

· Risk assessment on the day to day business operations

· Ensuring the timely availability of key financial information to make critical business decisions

· Industry trend analysis and market study

· Composition of company manual and policies

· Profitability analysis, cost accounting, and managerial accounting of different product mixes 

· Maintenance of loan covenants and compliance with financing regulations

· Assisting in disclosure related documents from investment prospects

· Making informed decisions on the purchase or leasing of capital assets

· Securing a US place of business for operations and opening of US bank account for foreign business

Tax savings, asset sheltering and shareholder value maximization 

Providing an Interim CFO in Essex County

Our services are ideal for Short Hills, Newark and Union County

Our tax firm can provide your business with well-balanced insight on things that you should be doing rather than non-revenue generating bureaucracy. Also, since our accounting practice is local, we can easily travel to North Jersey or New York. Gary Mehta CPA, EA also has the competence, education, and experience to help your business grow. Call us to see how we can be the right fit. 

Come meet us in Newark or Short Hills for assistance. Call (201) 252-6703 to set up an appointm

Come meet us in Newark or Short Hills for assistance. Call (201) 252-6703 to set up an appointm

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