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File your Late returns in Jersey City

Getting in compliance with your prior year returns

Unless one is anticipating a big refund, no one is excited to have their taxes done. Sometimes this procrastination can go on for years until it turns into paranoia and sleepless nights. Meanwhile, IRS and state are frustrated with the non-submission of delinquent returns and are gearing up for making expensive assessments against the taxpayers. These assessments include ridiculously high tax bills, liens, garnishments, late penalties, and civil fines.  Let Gary Mehta, CPA, EA help you put an end to this cycle. If you’ve missed a filing for a prior tax period, we can help you get back in compliance. 

There are many reasons by which our prospective clients don’t timely file their taxes. Common reasons include not being financially ready to pay taxes, being negligent, or a reasonable cause like death or injury. Sometimes, we even come across prospects that have not filed in 7 to 10 years. This is perfectly normal, as it is usually better to file late than never. 

Start by calling Jersey City office of Gary Mehta, CPA, EA for an appointment to resolve back taxes.

Start by calling Jersey City office of Gary Mehta, CPA, EA for an appointment to resolve back taxes.


Delinquent Filings Preparation

If you don't have your income forms, we can compile your W-2 and 1099 forms directly from IRS and prepare your late returns.

Remove Penalties

We assist in removing late filing penalties associated with back taxes. 

Setup Payment arrangements

If you can't afford to pay your government bill, we can get you on a payment agreement. 

What happens if you keep ignoring to file your back taxes?


If you don't file returns, IRS will prepare and file one on your behalf. They don't give you any deductions and tax you at the highest status and a VERY large bill. 

Fines and Letters

You will get tons of threating notices and letters. Ultimately, your case will be assigned to a private collection agency who will keep calling you to collect your debt. 

Public Liens

Government will file a lien at your county and expose you for not filing and paying your taxes. This is public information and can be easily discovered. How embarrassing!

Seize your assets

Simply put, they will take your paycheck, bank account etc. They will not hesitate to garnish your assets to satisfy liability. 

Local Collection Officer

They will give your case to a local officer who will come to your door. They come to do their due diligence and see what assets you own. They may also bring local police in certain instances.  

Inactivate your passport

By inactivating your passport, IRS will refrain you from traveling. Try explaining that to your boss.

Why Choose Us?

Gary Mehta, CPA, EA is the perfect accountant to prepare your unfiled returns

Our accountants specialize back tax help by preparing your unfiled taxes for both individuals and small businesses. We have vast experience in dealing with small business filings such as payroll and sales tax returns. During the tax preparation process, local CPA will research the relevant tax laws and regulations of the associated prior period(s) and prepare the tax filing while applying associated rules and regulations.

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