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IRS has collection agencies and attorneys that help them collect outstanding debts. Why shouldn't you get professional help? Have Gary Mehta, CPA, EA represent you to negotiate a plan that fits your budget and puts a dent in the outstanding bill.

Now providing IRS Payment Plan Negotiation to Jersey City residents. Call us at (201)252-6703

Now providing IRS Payment Plan Negotiation to Jersey City residents. Call us at (201)252-6703

FAQs about process

How do I become eligible for a plan?

Simple, If you're behind on payments or have never had a plan, you're entitled.

Will I still accrue interest or penalties?

Yes, Like an outstanding credit card bill, Interest and penalties will continue to be assessed until the balance is res. 

What if I have previously defaulted on an arrangement?

Even if you're noncurrent with your existing arrangement, we can reestablish one for you. 


Being in compliance

You have to be current with your returns to qualify. If you aren't in compliance, ask how we can help you. 

Estimated Payments

You need to be willing make some deposits towards your current year returns


For the lower payment to stay in existence, you have to stay in compliance with future liabilities.

Our Process

Items we consider

 It is always best to pay your bill in full and save unnecessary interest and penalties charged by IRS and different states. In the long run, these interests and penalties can amount to thousands of dollars on top of your existing burden for that year, resulting in a snowball effect. Additionally, the government may place a federal lien, garnish your wages, and even seize your property to collect this outstanding debt. 

When we settle your arrangement, the most important item we consider is your ability to pay. There is no sense in negotiating a monthly figure that you know you can't afford. We consider your assets and liabilities, day to day expenses, and overall financial position to develop an agreement. Also, we account for time. We want to buy you time so you can comfortably pay off IRS.The most important factor in our process is understanding you and your financial habits. We customize the plan, so there is a higher likelihood for you to stay in compliance. 

Reasonable Deferred Plan Negotiation in Cranford

Serving Union County and more

Cranford residents are welcome to join us in Jersey City Office. Alternatively, upon appointment, we can meet you in Cranford at our satellite office. We serve all Union County residents at this office. Please remember to bring your tax notices and any other pertinent paperwork to the meeting. For any further questions, feel free to ask us for a checklist. 

20 Commerce Dr #135, Cranford, NJ 07016 Telephone: (908) 546-1904

20 Commerce Dr #135, Cranford, NJ 07016 Telephone: (908) 546-1904

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