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Incorporating a company in Jersey City

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If you’ve decided to incorporate a business in New Jersey or New York, you’re in the right jurisdiction, and you’ve found the right guys to help you with the incorporation process. New Jersey  is a very popular jurisdiction for forming a business due to its advance tax laws, up to date business case laws for speedy litigation. Have Gary Mehta CPA, EA help assist you in preparing your incorporation filings and start your business off on the right foot. 

Form your LLC or Corporation with our Business Formation Services in Jersey City Office

Form your LLC or Corporation with our Business Formation Services in Jersey City Office

Services Portfolio

Start your business properly with following services

  Let us help you get your business started. We provide consulting services in every aspect of the business formation process. Services include the following.

· Business entity structure selection

· Name availability research

· Preparation of formation documents such as the Certificate of Formation, Articles of   Incorporation, Bylaws and Minutes

·  Attaining various tax registrations  for State

· Getting an Employer Identification Number (FEIN) from IRS

· Assisting in opening a US Bank account for nonresidents and international entities.

Business Structures We Form

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Enjoy pass thru income and losses, as well as a liability shield through this entity. Great for small businesses and the self employed.

Corporation (Subchapter S)

Have ability to run payroll for yourself and minimize your taxes. Enjoy a liability shield. Great for family businesses. 


Low maintenance entity. No liability shield but easy to form and inexpensive to maintain. Great for buddies getting together and experimenting with a start up. 


Protect your assets and separate their income from yours. Great for families to shield assets from creditors. 

Non Profit

Thinking of starting a charity? Whether a private foundation or 501(c)3, we form it all. 

"C" Corporation

Get the strictest liability protection and have ability to raise capital. Ideal for a bigger business. 

Starting a company in Morristown

Incorporators serving Morris, Warren county and beyond.

 While we can meet with you in Morristown, We are centrally located in Jersey City. Hence, we understand the local laws. Professionally licensed by the state and our peer-reviewed by licensed accountant peers, our licensed accounting firm maintains the highest standards and knowledge competence to form and structure your business entity in the right manner. We understand key differences between the business structures and how it pertains to accounting, taxes, and business law. Our broadened scope of understanding allows us to help you minimize taxes, understand the impact of immigration issues, and curtail business risk. Another advantage of being local is we can quickly respond to any inquiries by state or IRS. Other business formation websites focus on a small part of business formation, which is filing the paperwork. However, we think long term tax planning, asset sheltering, and a good business plan at large 

55 Madison Ave #400, Morristown, NJ 07960 Telephone:(973) 313-7601

55 Madison Ave #400, Morristown, NJ 07960 Telephone:(973) 313-7601

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