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Expediated Lien Removal in Jersey City

Have Gary Mehta, CPA, EA urgently halt collection activity

 If you owe IRS significant monies, they will file a lien to protect their interests. The lien protects them if you are owed money from the government or sale of a capital asset. These liens are of public knowledge and can be both embarrassing and financially expensive. Let Gary Mehta CPA, EA save you from the awkwardness and assist you in removing liens.

Tired of threating tax notices? Solve tax problems by contacting Gary Mehta, CPA, EA in Jersey City.

Tired of threating tax notices? Solve tax problems by contacting Gary Mehta, CPA, EA in Jersey City.

Overview of Collection Process

Financial Effects of the Tax lien

Liens will negatively affect your credit and making it harder and more expensive to get any financing. Bad credit means most lenders either won’t lend to you or will lend at very high-interest rates. Expensive loans can cost you thousands of dollars in the long run. Additionally, many employers view an individual with a lien as an unreliable person. This assumption can stop you from getting hired 

Property Seizure Process

IRS and New Jersey may seize assets and their associated incomes to satisfy past-due tax obligations. To collect outstanding taxes, the IRS does not need to obtain a judgment against the taxpayer. However, the state does need to go through a specific process before conducting property seizures. 

Types of assets subject to garnishment

Property subject to garnishments include wages, bank accounts, property such as real estate, shares of investment, retirement accounts, business assets, and inventory, accounts receivable from customers and merchant accounts, etc. 

Our Approach

Our Differentiating Factor

When settling with IRS or state, we take an outside the box approach. Not only do we apply all the standard resolution techniques, but we also work with our clients to help them find monies for a payoff. In certain instances, we may also suggest nontraditional approaches if it is in the best interest of our client. 

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Contact our main office in Jersey City to have us meet you in Saddle Brook or Roseland. Our office accommodates your busy schedule by setting an appointment at or near your business. Stop worrying about IRS seizing your assets and leave your tax troubles to us. All meetings are by appointment only. So be sure to call (201)252-6703 to make one. 

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250 Pehle Ave #200, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 Telephone:(201)252-6703

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