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Have you ever been nervous about a bill or notice you did not anticipate? We’ve all been there. People lose countless hours of sleep researching google for advice that doesn't solve their issue, but we at Gary Mehta, CPA, EA in Jersey City have the answer.  Our expert team of licensed accounting professionals effectively represent clients to in a cost-effective way to fix their tax problems.

Go Local by entrusting Gary Mehta, CPA, EA to provide you tax attorney services in Jersey City Area

Go Local by entrusting Gary Mehta, CPA, EA to provide you tax attorney services in Jersey City Area

Portfolio of Services

Offer In Compromise

Have our Jersey City based Tax Firm negotiate a settlement with IRS. Ask about Offer in Compromise.

If you’re overwhelmed with notices and owe the government significant amount of money, We can help. Let us help you to enter into a settlement. 

Late or Unfiled Returns

Need to file late returns? Our Jersey City based Tax Preparer will meet you in Paramus or Princeton.

If you haven’t filed your returns in a few years, we’d love to help you get caught up. We’ll prepare those back taxes for you and help you get rid of expensive penalties. 

Installment Plan Set up

Need to establish an affordable payment plan? Talk to our tax consultants.

  Is your present payment plan too expensive? Have us negotiate on your behalf. We’d love to help you set up an arrangement that you can afford and keep up.   

IRS Lein and Levies Removal

Don't hire a Tax Lawyer. Gary Mehta CPA, EA can remove your liens and stop IRS levies. Call us NOW.

Do you have IRS liens hindering your ability to get financing or simply messing up your credit? We can help you expunge them. Restore your credit and settle up with your past-due tax payments. 

Wage Garnishment Freeze

Curious about how our tax attorney services can stop your wage levy? Chat with a advisor now.

Has the government seized your wages? We can put a stop on the collection process and possibly retrieve your levied wages or bank account funds.  

International Tax

Need advice on International Tax?  If you're here on Visa, We can help you with Nonresident returns.

Here on visa status or a foreign business looking to operate in US, we can help you with your tax needs. Focusing on minimizing taxes and asset protection, We’ve got the game plan on your global needs. 

Innocent Spouse or Injured

If your marriage has left you with tax debt, ask us about innocent spouse representation.

Did your divorce leave you with a tax debt? If it was unanticipated and weren’t making financial decisions, we can help. Have us represent you to separate you from your (ex)spouse’s liabilities. 

Back Payroll Processing

Having Payroll Tax Problems? We can prepare your late returns. Talk to us about Form 941.

Behind on your payroll filings? If you’re worried about previous or present employees haggling you about their stubs or W-2 forms, let us help you. We understand if you’re scared to process payroll because business doesn’t have the finances to cover liabilities. 

Audit Representation

Worried about the audit? Have a Jersey City accountant represent you and know your rights.

Is the government looking at your books? Unsure if you claimed the right deductions? Know your rights and have us successfully represent you through the process. 

Offshore Bank Account Disclosure

Ask about we can assist you in declaring your offshore assets without expensive fines.

Worried, you didn’t declare your foreign accounts and assets? If you’ve read about expensive penalties associated with late FBAR, Hire us to guide you through the disclosure process and avoid them.      

Tax Planning

Consult with a tax advisor in Hudson County about planning for high net worth to average joe.

Life happens, and it’s better to be ready than not. Whether you’re buying your first home, getting divorced, or receiving a settlement, it’s always helpful to consult with an accountant. We’d love to help you financially plan for these events. .          

Interest and Penalty Reduction

Need assistance with IRS Penalty abatement? Have our accounting practice remove your fines.

If you’re shocked by those excessive late filing penalties, we can help you abate them. IRS and New Jersey charge exorbitant penalties that can financially set you back. We can represent you in negotiating these penalties.               

Benefits of certified public accountant over a tax lawyer

Making the economical choice

Firstly, both attorneys and CPAs are viewed as accredited professionals by IRS and have SAME representational capacity with IRS . In our experience, most tax problems occur because of accounting reasons, rather than legal reasons. Hence it is wise to hire an accountant with representation experience. 

Gary Mehta, CPA, EA practices as an accountant and not a lawyer.   

Effective IRS Representation at affordable rates.  Call us now to get your tax problems solved.

Effective IRS Representation at affordable rates.  Call us now to get your tax problems solved. 

Expert IRS Representation in Hackensack

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