Purchasing a small business in Jersey City

What questions do M&A services help answer?

Congratulations, you’ve decided to purchase an existing Jersey City business or teaming up with another one to increase your customer base. A proud moment indeed for any business owner. Now before this can be a reality, a prospective business owner needs to consider many factors. Gary Mehta, CPA, EA, helps you answer questions about the viability of a prospective business, valuations, verification of income and expenses, research of any unidentified liabilities, financing of a business, and, most importantly, is this a good decision.

Purchasing a business? Let us conduct due diligence for your new business. Contact our JC office now

Purchasing a business? Let us conduct due diligence for your new business. Contact our JC office now

FAQs when buying a company

How does this business fare compared to other competitors in the industry?

Our services include benchmark analysis, which compares the revenue and expenses of your business to others in the same industry. We also conduct engagements that explain variances in  processes used by industry leaders to your prospective business. Variances i will help identify business areas that need improvement. We typically conduct these services in conjunction with an industry expert to provide you necessary and valuable guidance.

How can I be sure the seller is reporting accurate income and expenses?

We always advise prospects to have the financials verified by a licensed accountant. You can do this by having the financials audited or at minimum reviewed by a CPA. The audit and review give some assurance to the buyer about the validity and viability of an investment. People often invest their life savings and livelihood into this purchase. Hence, from a risk assessment perspective, it is always important to have these key financials verified 

What happens if I get audited on prior-year financials?

Our tax advisors provide consulting services that explain responsibility and risk assessment of the books Inheriting messy books can lead to unforeseen expensive fines. We believe that a clean set of books expresses is a good indicator of how diligently business operations conducted and if there was proper internal control to establish accountability. 

Method secure financing for an LLC

Acquisition of a business can be financed internally (through existing assets and active shareholders) or externally (through banks and passive shareholders). We assist clients in determining the ideal mix and how it will affect the business from a risk perspective and its effect on future cash flows. We also have accredited financing partners that we work with and would be happy to refer your business to for external financing 

Is this the right purchase for my objectives?

This question is the million-dollar question. Once we attain a precise understanding of your short term and long-term business goals, we can conduct a high level or a detailed review of what the business has to offer. Collectively, our professionals help you answer this question. 

Business Advisory Services in Bergen County

Getting help in Hackensack and Paramus

Now that you’ve done completed the negotiations, laid out the terms, and formulated a business plan, a merger and acquisition must occur on the state and federal level. Contact our Jersey City office to schedule a meeting in Mahwah,Hackensack or Paramus. 

Come meet us in Hackensack, Mahwah or Paramus. Our Jersey City office serves all Bergen County.

Come meet us in Hackensack, Mahwah or Paramus. Our Jersey City office serves all Bergen County.

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