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 Often, we come across the basic deductions such as mortgage interest deduction, child credit, property  deduction, and charitable contributions. However, our accounting firm caters to the preparation of the more complicated filings. 

Let our Jersey City Office prepare your individual taxes. Call (201) 252-6703 for appointment.

Let our Jersey City Office prepare your individual taxes. Call (201) 252-6703 for appointment.

Our Clientele


  If you are residing overseas and need to prepare your tax filings, it can be difficult to find a reliable tax preparer. We understand the complexities involved in earning foreign income and having financial accounts abroad. 


  We have multiple clients that are non-residents and are conducting employment or business here on various visas. We understand the complexities involved in earning monies here in the US and reporting to both jurisdictions. 

Multistate Earners

 Jersey City residents often have  income from various states or countries. Before preparing the returns, we research appropriate treaties or reciprocity agreements to ensure you are not subject to double taxation. 

Real Estate Rental Owners

 Not sure whether to flip the property or rent it long term. Our tax preparers can help you understand the implications of long term and short term gain and account for all capital improvements and management expenses. 

Self Employed

 If you own a small business, we are the right guys to help you prepare your return. We understand the importance of maximizing deductions. However, we focus on taking the deductions the right way by following IRS guidelines and help your business plan for future tax breaks and credits 

Day Traders

  Our accountants assist the client in deciphering Mark to Market treatments to properly account for your gains and losses. We can also assist you in taking appropriate elections and assist you in financial disclosures. 

For the Late Filers

Unfiled Returns

Many prospective clients have not their returns in 7 to 10 years. We assist them in preparing these back taxes, minimizing the penalties, and often representing them in setting up a reasonable payment arrangement. 


Frequently our prospective clients realize that they forgot a deduction or their present income tax return is inaccurate. In this instance, we also prepare amended returns to help our client recapture the deduction or correct income. 

Putting together Filings in Red Bank

Meeting with clients in Monmouth County

IRS code is complex and handling your returns alone can lead to expensive mistakes. Get your return right the first time by having Gary Mehta, CPA, EA prepare it. Our accounting firm serves the entire area, including Red Bank, Mahwah and Jersey City.  Call us at 201-252-6703 to setup an appointment.

125 Half Mile Rd #200, Red Bank, NJ 07701 Telephone: (609) 225-5011

125 Half Mile Rd #200, Red Bank, NJ 07701 Telephone: (609) 225-5011

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