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Having our Jersey City office perform the financial audit

Why do you need an audit?

Now that you’ve invested your time and hard-earned money into your investment, you always want to make sure that the investment is protected. You also want some surety that information provided to you is accurate and reliable while reducing the chances of being defrauded. What you need is a financial audit. At Gary Mehta CPA, EA, our auditors have extensive knowledge and experience to conduct financial audits in a variety of businesses and nonprofit organizations. 

A financial audit is an extensive verification of items that reported on the balance sheet, profit and loss, and cash flow statements and examination of processes used to derive that information. When we examine these items, we look for financial inaccuracies, flaws in accounting processes, and industry practice deviations. After thoroughly researching these items, we provide an opinion on the accuracy and reliability of the financial statements and associated disclosures.  

Have a reputable accounting firm conduct a financial audit of your company. Call us at (201)252-6703

Have a reputable accounting firm conduct a financial audit of your company. Call us at (201)252-6703

Auditor's Approach

Items we consider

Our auditor’s approach starts with understanding our client’s business objectives and their associated business processes, assets, and liabilities. Our audit professionals may also rely on the advice of industry experts to gain a better understanding of certain subject matters like critical points where mistakes like likely to be perpetrated. As one can assess, a financial audit is a very detailed process that gives the stakeholder the utmost assurance about information presented to them. 

Audit Objectives

Why clients choose Gary Mehta, CPA, EA?

Prospects engage auditing firms to establish a variety of objectives. Objectives vary by transaction and particular goals that the requester is looking to establish. For example, Audits benefit high stake shareholders and often required by prospective investors, audit committees, banks, and certain customers. High stake shareholders want a verification that business is running efficiently, and managers and executives are conducting business in an accountable manner. Audit committees request audits because they want verification of items reported to them, confirmation that management directives properly executed, to minimize chances of fraud, fulfill mandatory requirements within the company bylaws. Banks request audits to ensure compliance with loan covenants and to assess general financial health. Finally, customers may also request a financial audit for confirmation that vendors have financial resources and means to handle their business. 

Homeowner's Association and ERISA Audits in Hoboken

Industries including HOA and Benefit Plans examined by our CPA Firm

Our clients encompass small and medium-sized businesses. Since many professional services companies and pharmaceutical businesses exist out of New Jersey, we also provide specialized audit services towards these businesses. In addition to financial audits for businesses, we also conduct audits for HOAs and Benefit Plan Audits. 

Audits provide the highest level of assurance of on company’s financial statements and Gary Mehta, CPA, EA would be happy to assist you in this process whether your business location is in Hudson County, Union County or New York City (inclusive of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens). Please contact us to see how we can help you with your audit objectives. 


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