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If you feel you're in a hole with IRS or state and desperately need a settlement, Gary Mehta, CPA, EA can successfully get you one. We've helped many clients in bad situations get relief. Let us put your tax issues behind you. Reach out to schedule a consultation.

Take first step towards tax settlement by calling our Jersey City Office at (201)252-6703

Take first step towards tax settlement by calling our Jersey City Office at (201)252-6703

Background and Overview

Fresh Start Program

IRS started the fresh start program in 2008 and then expanded the program in 2012 for individuals that have a debt of $50,000 or less. The program streamlines collection efforts by offering friendlier installment payments, tax settlement programs such as an offer in compromise and removal of liens to expedite collection efforts. 

Right candidate for OIC Process

Despite these collection efforts, if you can’t pay in full, you may be an ideal candidate for an offer in compromise. Offer in compromise is the process by which we settle your existing tax debt. Offer in Compromise is a settlement process offered by IRS to individuals who will be unable to fulfill their obligations within the statutory collection period.  The acceptance rate of these tax negotiations is 30%. We want you to among the 30 percent accepted.

When does IRS settle?

There are three circumstances in which we can attempt to settle. These situations arise around doubt of actual liability, doubt to collectability or collection of debt in full would create a financial hardship and impracticality to IRS. 

Eligibility Requirements

There are also some other prerequisites to initiate Offer in Compromise, such as filing outstanding returns and making estimated tax payments. Our tax firm can assist you in preparing all delinquent returns and making sufficient estimated payments. If you are in financial hardship, we may be able to waive OIC filing fees and have you pay your settlement in a payment plan rather than a lump sum. 

What to expect during negotiations

Items we take under consideration

While representing you, our tax professionals meticulously pay attention to your finances. Finances include your income, day to day expenses, and existing financial obligations. Using these items, we formulate an offer that is fair and doesn’t significantly affect your day to day life. means we take both lump-sum settlements and installment settlements into consideration when negotiating with IRS. 

We understand that times are tough, and adding a back-breaking installment plan might not be feasible. The last thing we want to do is have you default on an existing arrangement. Our objective is to get you into a settlement that is practical for both you and the government. 

Reaching a settlement in Newark

Helping Essex County residents get relief

Finding us on the internet, clients from all over ask us to represent them. Often clients from Newark and Short Hills come to meet us in our Jersey City Office. However, we also provide consultations in our  Newark office. Call us to book an appointment for an in-person consultation at Short Hills or any other office. 

1 Gateway Center #2600, Newark, NJ 07102 Telephone: (973) 313-7606

1 Gateway Center #2600, Newark, NJ 07102 Telephone: (973) 313-7606

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