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Every year thousands of spouses are held responsible for taxes and penalties owed on their partner’s income. Most of these spouses often do not recall signing the return or sign it under emotional or financial duress. If this is you, you’re not alone. Tax advocates at Gary Mehta, CPA, EA, will work with you to release you from this claim and help you get your finances back in order. 

Work with someone qualified in Jersey City to separate you from your spouse's tax bill.

Work with someone qualified in Jersey City to separate you from your spouse's tax bill. 

How this happens

Finding out about the assessment

Unexpected tax bills often present themselves during a separation or post-divorce on prior-year returns. This return can be an individual return or a small business return.  During this time, spouses are unaware of their ex-partners finances and blindsided by a humongous tax bill. The root cause is an audit or an assessment levied by the IRS or State. 

Moreover, the refund that newly divorced or separated spouses were counting on is never received because it is garnished to pay the former spouse’s bill. To make things worse, you realize that you will not be receiving your refunds for up to 10 years — thousands of dollars lost on someone else’s mistakes.  

Since you were unaware of the potential bill and never discussed during divorce settlement and there is no hope for indemnification. Individuals have left a frustrating situation because they are forced to pay the tax tab on income they’ve never earned. Alternatively, they are coerced into file a lawsuit against the former partners hoping for a plausible resolve: either way, a gigantic financial set back after a messy, emotionally distraught divorce or separation. 

Our Process

 We represent our clients in separating them from these tax burdens. Our CPA firm works efficiently and effectively representing our clients to the government and offers a more cost affordable approach. It also saves you from expensive legal costs and time-consuming negotiations. 

Save yourself the emotional trauma and ask us how our tax attorney services can expedite this matter and separate you from the former spouse’s tax liability once and for all. 

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