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Late Payroll in Jersey City

Getting in compliance with delinquent payroll returns

Did you fall behind on preparing your payroll returns, or perhaps your payroll company refuses to file for the quarter due to pending issues? Gary Mehta, CPA, EA can help you prepare and process your prior period payrolls. 


Many of our prospective clients need to process payroll in arrears. Often, payroll returns neglected because clients don’t have the finances to pay the payroll tax. Facing financial hardship and in fear of receiving dreadful IRS notices, they stop processing payroll and start paying their employees cash or cutting checks for gross pay. Eventually, either IRS catches on, or disgruntled employees start asking for regulatory paperwork. 

In other instances, employers aren’t sure if their workers are independent contractors or employees. During an audit or via an unhappy worker's inquiry to the Department of Labor, they’ve realized that their workers are employees and that they need to prepare and file all relevant back taxes. 

Finally, big payroll companies refuse to prepare back payroll returns because it’s simply not worth the risk and resources to waste on government inquiries. Ultimately, if clients receive payroll notices and penalty letters, it is bad publicity for them. 

Get your payroll prepared for prior periods in Jersey City. Call us at (201)252-6703 to discuss.

Get your payroll prepared for prior periods in Jersey City. Call us at (201)252-6703 to discuss.

Services Provided

Summary of Services relating to delinquent payroll returns.

  We provide the following services.

· Preparation of Late Payroll Returns (Form 941, Dept of Revenue Returns and Dept of    Labor returns)

· Late New Hire Reports

· Preparation of Attendance Ledgers and Time Sheets

· Paycheck Stubs Preparation

· Check Register Reconciliation

· General Ledger Reports with associated Journal entries for Payroll

· Customized Payroll History Reports

· Custom Employer Liability Reports

· Generate form W-2 and 1099-Misc

Manual Payroll Related Services

Foreign employers without US-based bank accounts

To pay  taxes, Payroll Service Providers and EFTPS require a domestic bank account. Foreign businesses have US-based employees that need to pay in a timely fashion and have their employer’s obligations deposited to the government. Without a US bank account, this can be challenging. In such instances, we assist the foreign business in processing payroll and remitting their taxes to both IRS and state. 

Late filing penalties removal and reduction of late payment penalties

 If you’ve either filed your payroll returns late or paid your payroll taxes late, Our IRS representation firm assists clients by representing them to the IRS and removing the expensive penalties. See the penalty abatement section for more information. 

Representing client to set up a payment plan for past due Items

 We also assist in setting up payment plans for outstanding payroll obligations for IRS and NJ. We work with our clients to set up an installment agreement that the business can reasonably afford. Please see the installment agreements section for more info.

Fix prior period payroll in Bedminster

Getting clients caught up with amended returns in Somerset County and beyond

If you're tired of dealing with constant payroll issues or are having payroll complications from prior periods, Let Gary Mehta, CPA, EA help you fix them. While our office is in Jersey City, we travel to our satellite office in Bedminster to service clients from Somerset, Hunterdon, and Warren Counties. Call (201)252-6703 to set up an appointment and leave your payroll stress to us. 

90 Washington Valley Rd, Bedminster, NJ 07921 Telephone: (908) 546-1903

90 Washington Valley Rd, Bedminster, NJ 07921 Telephone: (908) 546-1903

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